Host a WOW event – World On Wheels 2023

What does it take to have World On Wheels
in your town?

We want you to have World On Wheels in your city, and we want to make it as easy and fun as possible. And we’re here to support you every step of the way.


Step One

  • YOU say “We’re going to have World On Wheels here!” and sign up!

Step Two

  • Where do you want to have the event?
    Your local skate park? A skate through your town?
  • Create what your event will look like.
    Here’s some ideas:
    • Host a “skatenik” (skaters’ picnic) near a skate park (maybe a plant-based cookout)
    • Have contests and competitions
    • A local skater “celebrity” demonstrates some great tricks and techniques
    • Someone from a local skate school gives a lesson
    • Do a 10-mile skate (something everyone, not just good skaters can be a part of).

Step Three

  • Come up with the local sustainability offering.
    What effect is the climate crisis having in your community? What effect will it have in the future? Part of your event will be people participating in a climate action event (beach clean-up, tree-planting, etc.). 

Some ideas to get the juices flowing,
your event is your creation.

WORLD On Wheels



What WE Provide 

  • 15 WOW t-shirts
  • 250 WOW stickers
  • Social Media material
  • Prizes for skate competitions
  • Accompaniment throughout the whole organization process
  • A global platform for skaters out to end the climate crisis, connect and share

What YOU Provide

  • Minimum of 15 skaters
  • Skate Event
  • Climate Action Event in your community
  • Posting WOW on your social media
  • 100 people signing up for WOW
  • 100 people downloading the 2030 or Bust app


Your funding goes toward empowering people in ending the climate crisis

ABOUT US: WORLD ON WHEELS is presented by 2030 OR BUST, the movement empowering individuals to end the climate crisis. We shake people from the illusion that the power to end the crisis lies with the government, the UN or some other institution, and rally humanity around this decade as our make-it-or-break-it window to bridge the critical 2030 emissions gap.