Education Initiative

Education Initiative

Education Initiative

Empower the next generation of Climate Citizens Instill responsibility, action, and hope in your students

Transformative Climate Education for Your School Our curriculum is designed to engage students actively in becoming responsible climate citizens. By integrating practical actions like recycling, using reusable items, and adopting eco-friendly transportation, we equip students with the knowledge and tools to make a tangible impact. 

Why choose Our Curriculum?

  • Proven Success: Successfully implemented in Seattle, our program has sparked enthusiasm and significant change among students. 

  • Interactive Learning: The curriculum is fun, engaging, and deeply educational, making climate responsibility a thrilling part of their daily lives.

  • Empowerment Through Action: Students learn that their actions, no matter how small, collectively make a significant difference.
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The App: A Digital Companion for Climate Action for just 50 cents per student/year, our app offers:

  1. Personalized Tracking: students can track their carbon footprint and see their progress.

  2. Teacher Oversight: Access insights into your class’s overall environmental impact.

  3. Class Customization: Each class gets its unique app space for collaboration and competition.

  4. Engage, Educate and Inspire.
  5. From lesson plans to interactive digital tools, our resources are available with or without the app, ensuring every school can participate. 

Success in Seattle: A Case Study

Discover how our program has transformed a school

in Seattle, fostering a vibrant and committed 

community of your climate leaders.

Download our Educator Kit

Ready to Make a Difference?

If you’re a teacher, principal, or superintendent committed to meaningful climate education, join us. 

Bring this groundbreaking program to your school 

and watch as your students become proactive guardians of our planet.