Humans will not be able to survive on Earth if the 

temperature keeps rising. Adults don’t see that they 

are ruining the world that kids will get.  


The reason they don’t see it is that they are too busy

trying to survive right now to the care about our future. 


If it keeps going like this in the next 100 years most 

of the planet will be deadly to humans this means 

you and your kids will be the ones who suffer.

The best way for us to impact this is with our own

personal actions. We need to save the planet for ourselves.

 What you have to do is reduce your carbon footprint and get

everyone you know to do the same thing.  

 Most people think that their action alone will not save the planet and 

they are right it will take all of us, or at least 500M of us to avert the 

first wave in 2030.  

Here is the science on it for those of you who like that stuff.

  1. Get your parents to read the science.
  2. Donate $10 to World on Wheels to raise awareness.
  3. Download the app and start reducing your carbon footprint.