2030 or Bust – Power


There is a significant gap between where we’re headed and where we need to be to end the climate crisis in time. And no one is telling the world what that gap is and the actions that ordinary people can be taking to make the difference in bridging it. That’s why 2030 or Bust, founded seven years ago, with me as executive director. The work we have done has made an impact, but not nearly the kind that needs to be made if we are to fulfill our mission of empowering humanity to end the climate crisis.




We’re producing the Concert for Power to introduce the world to what’s needed to resolve the climate crisis, wake people from the trance that the government or the UN or someone else is handling it, and get the 7-year project launched to bridge the critical 2030 emissions gap. We are fed up with the business as usual of humanity, the hoping, pretending, the doing our best. That’s what Concert for Power is for, this is for YOU, your chance to generate a world-wide disruption that will build right through 2030. 


We’re raising $500,000 to move this historic event from a dream to a reality, and I’m not eating until we do. I’m stopping eating as my radical action to demonstrate the urgency of the situation and ring the bell for a call to action, the action of your investment. 

Make a financial donation, be an investor, be a sponsor of The Concert for Power. Make your voice heard, a voice for the empowerment of people everywhere to seize the opportunity to generate a future of sustainability. 

Help fund CONCERT FOR POWER, a radical, world-shifting event, empowering global citizens to end the climate crisis. Coming in 2023.