About 2030

Our Big Idea

If 1 in 16 people take simple climate-actions, we can get on track to ending the climate crisis.  By taking these simple actions, we avoid the 2 degree Celsius increase the 2020 UN Gap Report talks about. With that behind us, we can be on track by 2030 to build a sustainable future, and ending the climate crisis will become a reality in the foreseeable future.  We say that The 2030 Game is the way to end the climate crisis. The 2030 Game is not just about the environment; it’s about taking ownership of the current state of the climate. It is an opportunity to have your word and actions heard in the matter of ending the climate crisis. And guess what? You’re already part of the team; you, my friend, are a human. We have a plan and have looked at the science around this approach.  The only thing missing now is you. Take action, reduce your footprint, download the app and start tracking your actions today! Click below to meet our team. 

What Gets Us Going:

We’re just like you – we love our coffee in the morning, we binge-watch our favorite shows, and we dream about clean oceans and green forests. And just like you, we realized that the climate crisis wasn’t going to solve itself. That’s why we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. 

What We’re All About:

We’re here to make ending the climate crisis doable and even a bit fun. How? By giving you the tools to see the real impact of the choices you make every day. We’re big on cheering each other on and sharing our wins, no matter how small, because every bit counts. 

Welcome to Our Climate-Action Club



Hi there! We’re 2030 or Bust, and we’re all about turning concern into action and creating a planet we can all be proud of. Think of us as a group of friends who decided it was time to stop waiting for someone else to fix the climate and started doing something about it ourselves.

The Game Plan:

From organizing local clean-up drives to teaching kids about recycling, we’re in this together. We’re even built an app that makes tracking your eco-friendly deeds a breeze and helps you see how they add up to big changes. 

Your Invitation:

So, what do you say? Ready to join a community that’s all about positive vibes and positive changes? We’re inviting you to be the hero in your own climate story. Because when we come together, that’s when the magic happens. 

Our Promise:

Together, we’ll laugh, we’ll learn, and we’ll maybe even stumble a bit. But most importantly, we’ll make a difference. So grab a seat on this green and glorious ride towards a cooler, kinder planet. 

Take the Leap:

The year 2030 isn’t just a date; it’s our finish line. And with your help, we’re not just going to cross it – we’re going to sprint through it, arms raised, hearts full, knowing we did this together.

Ready to play? Let’s show the world what we’re made of!

Our Mission:

The mission of 2030orBust is to empower Humanity in ending the climate crisis. 


How we do this is by educating, inspiring, and equipping individuals to confront the mythology that ending the climate crisis is up to someone other than me. 


Building a global community, we provide the tools for people to measure the difference that they are making in reducing their carbon footprint. We do this through events, educational programming, media, a newsletter, and an online community.



Inspire, Engage and Equip individuals to Own The Climate Crisis.

Core Values:

Guerillas for Climate Change: We bring the game to where it is, the field. This is yours!
We give access to the people on the stands to be in the game.


 Buck the Status Quo: The prevailing context (i.e. doing our best, doing what we know etc.)
does not provide the opportunities and actions to resolve the situation. We expose the
prevailing context such that a new context is available.


The Life Altering Power of a Stand: Honoring a stand leaves you undauntable in
the face of anything!


Action Gives Traction: What matters is ACTION. PERIOD.


This is for Everyone who wants it: There is a seat on this train for anyone who is
willing to be responsible for that seat. 



Our Strategic Path:

We’ve charted a strategy that calls upon 500 million people to action. By targeting key communities,
we aim to close crucial gasps that are pivotal to the climate narrative. 


Bridge the emissions and consciousness gaps by 2030. This is accomplished by empowering 500 million people to take action. We workd with Skaters, thoughtful risk-takers and divergent pioneers, waking humanity to its power and ability to end the climate crisis. We are willing to risk it all to reshape the future