EMPOWER CHANGE, Be the Catalyst for Difference

Your contributions empower others to put us on track towards ending the climate crisis

Why Donate to 2030 or Bust?

In a world facing the climate crisis, every action, every decision, and every contribution is powerful. At 2030 or Bust, we’re not just about awareness – we’re about inspiring and enabling real action. Your donation empowers our community to:

  • Educate and Inspire: Through media, events, and our online community, we demystify the climate crisis and empower individuals with knowledge and actionable steps.
  • Mobilize Communities: From skaters to pioneers, we’re nurturing a global movement committed to sustainability and positive change.
  • Develop and Spread Tools: Our app and educational programs are thoughtfully designed to track and showcase progress, amplifying both individual and collective impact.

Our Initiatives Need Your Support

Join us in nurturing our planet’s future. Your donations back tree planting efforts, educational webinars, and community engagement for a greener earth.

Be part of the momentum in the skating community. Funds go towards organizing skate events, competitions, and partnering with brands to spread our message. WOW supports skate clubs globally in their mission to raise awareness and funds. Your donations equip them with resources and promotional materials to champion the cause. 

Invest in our future by backing educational programs for schools. Please help us reach more young minds to instill a sense of responsibility and capability in addressing the climate crisis.

Enable collaborations with businesses and private entities. Your contributions amplify our reach and impact through strategic partnerships and high-profile engagements.

Your Donation’s Journey

Every dollar you donate helps propel us towards a healthier planet. Here’s how we ensure your contributions have the greatest impact:

  • Transparent Allocation: We ensure that your money is directed towards making tangible changes.
  • Regular Updates: Stay informed with reports on how your donations are driving change.
  • Community Feedback: Witness the direct impact of your contributions through stories from our global community. 


The climate crisis isn’t just our issue. It’s a global challenge. Together, we can address it.