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Skaters: The Unexpected Vanguard in the Ending the Climate Crisis

Skateboarding, inline skating, scootering, and more – these symbols of agility, rebellion, creativity, and freedom are often associated with youthful exuberance. But what if this vibrant community could also become the unexpected vanguard in ending the climate crisis? Here’s how skaters, bladers, and scooter enthusiasts can channel their inherent determination and innovation to become the catalyst for a sustainable future, embodying the vision and mission of “2030 or Bust.”

Group of kids and adults wearing world on wheels t shirts planting a tree

The Power of a Committed Community

Skaters, inline skaters, and those who ride scooters know a thing or two about dedication. The countless hours spent practicing tricks, the unwavering perseverance after every fall – this community has the grit needed to tackle formidable challenges. The climate crisis, one of the most daunting challenges we face today, requires nothing less than this level of commitment.

As a collective, skaters and riders have the ability to foster change on a grand scale. When this group of committed individuals focuses their collective energy on a goal, the possibilities are limitless. Just like how they have shaped the culture and urban landscapes, they have the power to reshape the world for the better.

Pioneering Sustainable Skating and Riding

Skaters, inline skaters, and scooter riders can lead by example. From the boards, skates, and scooters they ride to the clothes they wear, this community can make sustainability a core part of their lifestyle.

1. Eco-friendly Gear: Choosing skateboards, inline skates, and scooters made from sustainable materials and supporting brands that are committed to reducing their carbon footprint. 

2. DIY Skateparks: Building and promoting skateparks using recycled materials and incorporating green spaces. These parks can be inclusive spaces for all – skateboarders, inline skaters, and scooter enthusiasts.

3. Sustainable Merchandise: Wearing and promoting apparel made from recycled or organic materials, supporting brands that are actively working towards sustainability.

4. Give away some skate gear: Less stuff being made = lower emissions. Mark this action on your 2030 or Bust app and see how many pounds you save.

Engaging and Educating Through Action

Skating and riding are not just sports; they’re cultures and movements. This community can use its influence to engage and educate others. 

1. Skate and Ride Events for Climate Awareness: Organize skate and ride events and competitions centered around climate change awareness. Use these platforms to educate attendees on the importance of sustainability and individual action. We’ll support you through World On Wheels; DM us at !

2. Creative Content: Through videos, art, and music, the community can communicate the urgency of the climate crisis and inspire others to take action.

3. Collaborations for a Cause: Partner with environmental organizations to create collaborative initiatives, harnessing the global reach of the skating and riding community for environmental advocacy.

A Culture of Empowerment

Skaters, bladers, and scooter riders, by putting their hearts, minds, and actions into ending the climate crisis, can empower humanity to take ownership of this issue. By embracing the pledge of “World On Wheels” and making sustainability a cornerstone of skate and ride culture, they stand at the forefront of a global shift.

The message is clear: ending the climate crisis is not up to someone else; it’s up to us. It’s about building a global community, educating and inspiring individuals, and equipping them with the tools to make a difference.

Skaters, inline skaters, and scooter enthusiasts, with their defiance of the status quo, unyielding determination, and ability to shape culture, are perfectly poised to drive this change. Let’s ride this wave together and carve out a sustainable future for all.

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