Madrollers Club United Arab Emirates Branch will joining
World on Wheels

In collaboration and support of the 2030 or Bust movement, Madrollers Club in the United Arab Emirates will gather as many skaters as possible to join the World on Wheels international movement, and all skaters will all unify the message of sustainability by TAKING ACTION like:

  1. Skating Session in the biggest sustainable city in the UAE (Masdar City) with as many skaters from and Abu Dhabi & Dubai Cities for a duration of 2-3 Hours
  2. Download the 2030 or Bust application, and register on the website
  3. Skaters will pass by the sustainable landmarks and projects in Masdar City and have a quick brief about the difference such projects can make
  4. Bringing steel water bottles instead of buying plastic bottles
  5. Filling up water bottles from the dispensers around the track
  6. Wearing the unified t-shirt with the World on Wheels logo and tagline
  7. Skaters will take a survey about their sustainable practices, and write pledges about what they can do during the break during the skate event
  8. Participating in the Media Plan

Media Plan Proposal: LET’S GO VIRAL!


Here are several ideas and notes to unify a social media image for the event and help make it go VIRAL.
Amongst a great deal of footage that each team will take of their event, we want 1 short video with the suggested common elements below shared from each team:


Instagram or Tiktok

Style (Post, IGTV, Reel, Story)

Instagram Reel OR TikTok Reel
A reel is a 15-sec multi-clip video with audio & effect


15 secs video OR compilation of shorter clips adding up to 15 secs to create the reel


The script will be open for each team to be creative with, but to have some
sort of unification:
2 seconds intro and a 5 seconds outro to the reel.
2 Seconds Intro Proposal: The shot starts with a close-up on the logo on the
shirt, then zoom out on a featured skater
5 Seconds Outro Proposal: Whatever it is; Make it look great!


  • Portrait mode
  • Day time when shooting preferrable
  • One unified track of music → suggested below
  • Share on each social media
  • Caption can have a common slogan for the event
  • Mention other skating accounts/tags/hashtags

Music Suggestions
Black Eyed Peas – Where is the Love (LEEX Remix) (Tropical House)
Minutes [1:37 – 2:00]