WOW – Salt Lake City

World on Wheels – Salt Lake City

Ogden-Salt Lake City-Provo Memorial Day Weekend Extravaganza


Day 1: Saturday we skate/ride from Ogden to Salt Lake City. Sai will video tape portions of that ride with commentary on World on Wheels/2030orbust etc. We will be handing out stickers and flyers with a summary of our mission and opportunities for individuals to impact and participate in ending the climate crisis. Local Media coverage.


Day 2: Sunday in partnership with Modern Monark skate shop we will be having a competition and get together at the skate park with prizes and food available at the International Peace Garden and skate park. Sai will video the event and competition with interviewing competitors and spectators. Local Media Coverage.


Day 3: Monday we longboard to Provo from Salt Lake City with a stop at Pirate O’s to memorialize our Las Vegas run. Sai will be Videotaping and we will Interview along the trail and pass out flyers about 2030orbust and World on Wheels. Local media coverage.


Stickers will also be handed out all three days and we will edit and make a “video short” of the event for distribution.

To participate or for more information

contact: Sheri Focke at or call/text

(513) 317-5382