What Happened to 2020 or Bust

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In 2015, a team of ordinary individuals set out to awaken humanity from its trance of unreality about the climate crisis. Ordinary people do not typically see themselves as having any power in the face of the climate crisis. Most people see climate change as too complex, too big, something “out there” for governments or institutions to deal with and resolve, something we can get to later, all of which leaves people in a trance of hope, denial, best efforts, gestures and business as usual.

Our goal was to cause 500 million people to collectively reduce our emissions 8 gigatons by 2020. Hence, 2020 or Bust.
We said it was the critical window in which we had a real shot at shifting the trajectory of the crisis in time.

And, that project? Well, it’s a BUST.
We did not mobilize 500 million people. We did not close the gap.
What does that mean? Nothing really, other than it’s that much harder now to close the gap before it’s too late.

The truth is, it may well be too late to end the Climate Crisis in time to save humanity. That’s why we’re here. The mission of 2030 or Bust is to make the impossible, possible.
The members of 2030 or Bust team are just that–ordinary people who have said, “This is Mine.”
We are not on track to end the crisis in time, and the next 10 years is our critical window of opportunity in which to radically reverse the emissions trend if we are to get on track. We have nothing to lose, and everything to lose. Are you in?