“2020 or Bust” and Politics

We want to make it clear that 2020 or Bust’s mission to mobilize the world to end the climate crisis really is saying “the world.”  That means everyone, including all political affiliations.  2020 or Bust is not a political organization, and we take no position on or offer any endorsement of any political candidate or party.

Our strategy is not a political strategy.  There are many climate NGO’s working to influence the situation of climate change through political channels.  Our strategy, although it completely supports, complements and honors the work being done on the political front, is not political.  Our strategy is to mobilize individuals across the world, regardless of their political affiliation or any ideology for that matter.

We also want to be clear, however, that we will use the opportunity that the arena of politics affords us to bring to light the underlying cultural condition and make reference to what is happening politically as it relates to our mission.  For example, we might point out a particular politician’s worldview on the environment and the impact of that worldview in the cultural environment as it translates to actions being taken and not being taken to end the crisis.

Our mission is one of context, not ideology.  That shift in context which comes from exposing the myths we live in that leave us with no real power, and generating a new context, a context of “This is my world and I have the power to make the difference.”   This new context is not determined by ideology or political affiliation, and in fact, includes all positions, including political.  This context comes from a place in all of us, a place much deeper than politics or religion or ethnicity or any of the like.  It comes from the place of being human.

And there is nothing political about that.