2020 or Bust – Did You Know?


Climate change is the increase in average global temperature that is primarily a function of carbon being released into the atmosphere by human activity. Climate change is a real and growing threat to humanity’s survival.

Our best shot at protecting humanity is keeping the warming of the planet to a maximum of 2 degrees C over pre-Industrial levels.

Very. Global average temperatures have already warmed 1.1 degrees C, and it won’t stop there. Because the warming from carbon is a delayed effect, the emissions currently in the atmosphere (which will stay there and keep causing the climate to warm), will predictably cause the climate to warm to 1.5 degrees C.  We have a window of 0.5 degree C left to stay in the safety range. More information can be found in the Emissions Gap Report.

The maximum total amount of carbon the atmosphere can hold and not surpass 2 Degrees C is 2900 Gt. This is called the carbon budget.

To give us a shot at getting to zero emissions before the budget is used up requires us radically reversing our emissions trend by 2030. This is our make-it-or-break-it window of opportunity. 

To limit warming to 2°C by the end of the century, emissions will have to be cut even further, not exceeding 41 gigatons annually of CO2 equivalent by 2030. For more information, go to the Emissions Gap Report.

What is the gap that we need to close?

No. And many are at work on it. Alone, regulations and policies simply cannot produce the results. Only ACTION can produce the needed results. And if we wait till the policies and regulations are in full operation, it will be too late.

Yes. Through collective action of individuals and organizations, we can absolutely close the gap in time.

“2030 or Bust” is the campaign to generate the awareness, action and results that will bridge the emissions gap by 2030 to put us on track to ending the climate crisis in time. Join the Campaign.  End the climate crisis.