2030 or Bust – Concert for Power – Press Release

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Brooklyn-based climate activist, performance artist and author Laughlin Artz is going on a hunger strike to fund the Concert for Power, the global launch of 2030 or Bust, the world’s biggest and baddest citizen engagement campaign in history – empowering humanity to end the climate crisis.

We are headed to a catastrophic future, and our current level of response is insufficient. WE ARE NOT ON TRACK TO ENDING THE CRISIS IN TIME. If not only our actions, but our consciousness doesn’t dramatically alter in the very near future, it will be too late to alter our course.

Most people don’t see themselves as having any real power to impact the situation. They see climate change as too complex, too big, something for governments, scientists or institutions to handle, leaving people in a trance of hope, denial, best efforts, gestures and business as usual.


The purpose of Concert for Power is to wake people from that trance, to radically disrupt the status quo, and to rally humanity around this decade as our make-it-or-break-it opportunity to bridge the
critical 2030 emissions gap.

No one is telling people what the gap is between where we’re headed and where we need to be, and the actions needed to bridge that gap, THEIR ACTIONS. That is what people need to have any real power in the matter, and that is what this event brings to the world.

The 2030 or Bust team, in partnership with scientists, civil society activists, UNDP, UNEP, UNICEF and NGO partners has developed the science, models and action scenarios that puts the power to end the crisis in the hands of anyone who wants to step up and seize that power.


The Concert for Power will be held in Los Angeles in early 2023. A convening of bands, sports figures, media luminaries, climate activists, pop culture influencers, as well as “power blasts” throughout the event introducing people to 2030 or Bust and offering opportunities to take action,
to get into the 2030 game.

We’re raising $2 million to fund this event, with the first milestone of $500K by October 1. Laughlin
is not eating until that happens. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary action.

Contact: press@2030orbust.org +1 443-676-8500 2030orbust.org
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