Broadway’s “Green Revolution” and the annual Earth Day celebration shed light on change.

The Broadway Green Alliance (BGA) has been quietly changing what it means to be “green” in the glitz and glam of show business in the middle of New York City, where the bright lights of Broadway meet the vital story of sustainability. As Broadway celebrates its dedication to the environment on Earth Day, we look closer at the fantastic steps BGA and the theater community have taken toward a more sustainable future.


Since its start in 2008, the Broadway Green Alliance has been at the forefront of efforts to combine environmental responsibility with theater creation. The acts they light up are just as inspiring as what they’ve done. All of Broadway’s sign lights have been switched to energy-efficient LEDs and CFLs, which is a big deal. This move affects more than 100,000 bulbs and cuts carbon emissions by about 800 tons per year. This kind of action not only shows environmental leadership but also sets a standard for entertainment places all over the world.


The Broadway Green Alliance has also made substantial strides in the textile industry, a sector closely intertwined with the theater wardrobe business. Since 2016, they have diverted over 20,000 pounds of textiles from landfills through targeted recycling drives and a permanent collection bin in the Actors Equity Building. This initiative reduces waste and prompts the costume business to reconsider its production and disposal practices, fostering a more sustainable industry.




It’s not often that touring productions are discussed regarding sustainability, but over 80% of theaters have recycling programs and use green goods, which is a great sign. Together with Native Energy, the Touring Green program has offset more than 10,000 tons of carbon. This shows that Broadway is committed to caring for the earth beyond the bright lights of New York City.


Molly Braverman, the director of BGA, is in charge of these attempts to change things. Under her direction, BGA not only pushes for practical solutions but also builds a culture of sustainability that affects everyone in the business, from actors and producers to viewers. Molly has a clear goal: a better Broadway will set an example for arts sustainability worldwide.


Every year, the lively Earth Day party in Times Square, put on by BGA and the Times Square Alliance, is an excellent example of these efforts. This event attracts many famous people and features live performances by Broadway’s best actors and talks with critical environmental thinkers. On April 20th, 2024, art and protest came together in a way that taught and inspired thousands about the power of individual and group action to solve the climate crisis.



As Broadway continues to lead the way in projects like switching marquee lights to more eco-friendly ones and pushing for general recycling, it tells a powerful story: art and sustainability can live together and improve each other. The work of the Broadway Green Alliance shows how environmentally responsible businesses can be artistic, showing that the way to sustainability can be as exciting and new as a Broadway show.

Let’s praise and back the Broadway Green Alliance’s continued work on Earth Day and every day. In this way, we support a future in which the arts are essential for making the world a better place to live. We were thrilled for those of you who came to participate in a movement making the world cleaner and more sustainable.

Visit the Broadway Green Alliance Earth Day Website to learn more about how you can help or sign up for their next event.

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