It’s a Bitch!

It’s a bitch being someone out to take the actions that will make the difference in ending the climate crisis. At least if you love coffee the way I love coffee. It would seem to be a pretty simple thing – get a cup of coffee without fucking up the planet. No so! When I go to Starbucks and ask them to put the coffee in my mug, I’m told that that’s against company policy and they have to give it to me in their cup. When I make the same request at McDonald’s (whose coffee, at least in the morning, beats the pants off the Starbucks brew) I’m told that I can use my cup but only if they pour the coffee into their cup first and then I can transfer it to mine. WTF!

Starbucks uses over 8 million cups EVERY DAY, most with plastic lids. EIGHT MILLION! Every individual who wants to eliminate this everyday example of vulgar, unthinking and excessive consumerism should be welcomed with open arms, not dismissed to the dungeon of corporate policy. Yeah, a bit dramatic, but need I remind you, EIGHT MILLION CUPS A DAY!

Maybe I’ll start my own coffee chain “Conscious Coffee.” where we have ZERO CUPS for take out. If you want coffee to go, bring your own cup, and that’s just that. We’ll offer this as part of our service to make it easy to be someone who’s out to end the climate crisis. And you can bet your sustainable mug, it’ll be killer coffee!