After the Final No

                                                                    “After the final no there comes a yes                                                                                                                                        And on that yes the future world depends”                                                                                                                                                      – Wallace Stevens

The question is if we can keep this thing going until that yes shows up. Not to depend on that yes, or expect that yes, and certainly not to think that we are deserving of or entitled to that yes; and at the same time, absolutely standing for it. We’ve been working on getting connected to one of the Olympic skateboarders to help get the word out that ordinary people can really make ending the climate crisis a reality. Something a guy like that could do with very little effort on his part. Make a 30-second video asking folks to join our tour, download the app, visit our website, make a donation. Take 5 minutes on Zoom and do an interview to share with the skate world that he has taken the stand to end the climate crisis and invite everyone who sees the interview to take that stand for themselves. Or something he comes up with, whatever would work for him, we left the door wide open.

We made the pitch to his manager and he made the pitch to the skater (what that pitch was we have no idea). Regardless, we got word back yesterday, and I quote: “We’ll have to pass on the opportunity. ‘X’ will be in Tampa for competition the rest of the month.” WTF! Hey, I completely appreciate the kind of demands this guy (we’ll let you guess who) has on his time, and that his focus needs to be on his skating. But to say that he doesn’t have the time to make a quick video, do an interview, at least post one of our Instagram posts on his social media, well that’s just not the truth. “Too busy” is one of humanity’s biggest cons. People ALWAYS have time for what they want to do and when they don’t want to do something, “busy” is the cheap and bogus go-to.

One more no. One more close but no cigar. One more “but hey, good luck with your great initiative.” Blah blah blah blah blah. Today I head to San Francisco to skate around Fleet Week. If I can’t get any traction on folks taking their stand to end the climate crisis, maybe I can at least find a hot sailor. One who says yes.