Freemont Skate and BBQ

Awesome day in Freemont, all set up by Joyce  A vegan BBQ (thanks to Jingqu  grilling up those yummy vegan burgers).  Love that Loving Hut hospitality!

Then a ride through the park, culminating in a good roll through their skate park.  I say roll rather than skate, given that compared to the skaters there, I am way older, way lamer, and my board is way longer.  Once we started getting yelled at for being in the way, I took that as a sign to get my longboard ass out of the jumps and spins of the real skate crowd.  Imagine a figure skater leisurely skating into the middle of a hockey game in full swing, and you’ll get the idea.

Tomorrow I skate some kind of street fair somewhere near San Jose.  From what I hear, will be lots of skaters and bikers joining.  Great to be staying at Joyce’s.  Nothing like a real bed after that 30-hour train ride from Denver, including that unforgettable attempt at sleep.  Ah, maybe when we get some real funding I can upgrade to one of them fancy schmancy sleeper units.  Ah to dream!