2020 or Bust: You’re Busted 2020 Tour

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The You’re Busted 2020! Tour

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Fresh from his 400-mile skate from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, Brooklyn-based climate activist and author Laughlin Artz, aged 64, is skateboarding across the USA. The goal of the You’re Busted 2020! tour is to raise citizen participation in “2020 or Bust,” the world’s biggest citizen engagement campaign in history – empowering one million people in 2020 to take charge in ending the climate crisis in time.

Humanity has a window of about ONE YEAR to radically impact the situation if we are to have any shot at a sustainable future. This impact can be made by ordinary people if enough of us wake up and take the right actions. Laughlin is skating to spread that awareness, to BUST THE TRANCE that the power to end the climate crisis lies with the government or the UN or some other institution, and to instead build a global groundswell of people everywhere seizing this critical window of time as our shot, humanity’s shot, the shot of a lifetime.

More National Lampoon than National Geographic, the pop culture tour and its on-the-road antics, including offerings from the worlds of activism, music, fashion and art, will be broadcast daily as an on-the-road docuserial, the greatest reality show ever. “Will we wake up or be booted off the planet?” Humanity, you’re busted! The tour starts in late October in New York City and finishes on Christmas Day in Las Vegas.

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Follow the tour: 2020orBust.org/tour and on Instagram @2020orbust.