Activism Announcement

Global Youth Climate Action Summit – West Coast


Global Youth Climate Action Summit – June 11, 2019

Oshman Family JCC
3921 Fabian Way
Palo Alto, California 94303

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Many people view climate change as something too big and too complex for individual actions to significantly impact. And so they hope that those with the power to make the difference (government, the UN, science, industry) will somehow resolve the situation.

For young people, the situation could seem even more out of reach, given that some of the resources that adults have (like voting) are not available to them, yet they still somehow try to get those “in power” to act on behalf of their future.

What if this was not the case? What if the power to end the climate crisis didn’t lie with the government or institutions? What if ordinary people through their own actions could produce the radical shift needed to get us on course to a future of sustainability? What if the power to resolve this crisis wasn’t “out there”?

The power of young people to end the climate crisis is what we will be exploring in the Global Youth Climate Action Summit. We will address the current reality of climate change, leaving the attendees dealing with the facts of the situation without assessment. What it will take to resolve the crisis will be addressed, including the pathway of a collective global community taking action. Young climate activists will present ways that they are impacting climate change, both individually and as change agents in their communities.

In the process of attendees examining their own relationship to climate change and how those ways of relating have shaped their responses to it, a new kind of power becomes available in how they relate to themselves, others and their world. Seeing climate change as an enormous opportunity for humanity.

With this empowerment comes new ways of thinking and acting and the participants will design actions that have what they have discovered in the summit translate into real results. Attendees will leave not only informed, but empowered and in action; individuals who have taken a stand to end the climate crisis and in action that expresses that stand in the world.

Suggested minimum age for participants is 11. No maximum age. But anyone is welcome to attend.

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