Exciting News! 2020 or Bust partners with Give Me 5


2020 or Bust is now partnered with Give Me 5.

The mission of Give Me 5 is to catalyze the global movement that makes our world a thriving , fair, healthy home for all.  With the mission of 2020 or Bust being to mobilize the global community to end the climate crisis, this merging of missions is a match made in Sustainability Heaven!  

It was clear from the beginnings of 2020 or Bust that key to the realization of our mission would be partnering with other organizations in a mode of mutual empowerment; the kind of relationships that are synergistic, not merely additive. Explosive partnerings, where one plus one equals ten, not two.   Our capacity to realize our common commitment to a world that works for everyone is exponentially increased in the incredible opportunity that it is to be a partner of Give Me 5.  

Visit their site at giveme-5.org, get familiar with their work, share it with others, and in the spirit of both 2020 or Bust and Give Me 5, get into action!  

What an exciting opportunity this is, and what perfect timing this is for us as a partnership, to engage the global community at COP22 in the citizen engagement revolution we are causing.  

Very special thanks to Juan Chebly, founder of Give Me 5 and a huge supporter of 2020 or Bust for this amazing opportunity.  Together we will change the world.