What Do You Do?

When people hear of 2020 or Bust, they sometimes ask “Well, what do you do?” What we do is address and deal with what it takes to get people, all kinds of people, into the game of ending the climate crisis. ENDING IT.

That is a huge order of business, something we are currently in the process of building an infrastructure sufficient to support, and something that involves a different kind of action than people might be used to seeing. But make no mistake, it is action, and action that results in more and more people taking the actions that will actually move the crisis toward the ending point while we’re still in the safety zone.

Our action is speaking, having conversations, highly specialized conversations with individuals and groups, conversations that change the way people relate to the crisis. They begin to relate to the crisis as endable and they begin to relate to themselves as having the power to end it. The result is more people in action taking actions that otherwise would never have been taken. And not just any actions, but actions that make a strategic impact in closing the gap by 2020 between where we’re headed and where we need to be to be on track to ending the crisis in time.

And for those people who might say “Well talking isn’t action”, that is completely understandable given that most talking makes no difference. Ours in not that. The 2020 or Bust mode of speaking leaves people empowered and in action that matters.

That speaking, those conversations, that empowerment is our action.