World on Wheels Tour 2023

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“World On Wheels Tour 2023”

Climate Activist Skateboards Florida to Bust the Climate Trance

Pumped from his pre-pandemic skate from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, Brooklyn-based climate activist, performance artist, and author Laughlin Artz is skateboarding the Sunshine State to bring some sunlight to the climate crisis. The “World On Wheels Tour 2023” is presented by 2030 or Bust, empowering humanity to end the climate crisis.


2030 or Bust has declared 2023 The Year of the Skater, and all over the world, skaters will be holding skate/climate “activations” during World On Wheels Weekend May 27-29.

We are on track for a catastrophic future. If not only our actions, but our consciousness doesn’t dramatically alter in the very near future, it will be too late to alter our course.

Laughlin is skating to spread that awareness, to wake people from the trance that the power to end the crisis lies with the government, scientists, the UN or some other institution, and to rally the world around this decade as our make-it-or-break-it window to bridge the critical 2030 emissions gap. This is our last window, and when it closes it won’t reopen.

The climate crisis is not one of carbon or temperature or politics. It is a crisis of consciousness.

This pop culture tour and its on-the-road antics, including offerings from the worlds of music, fashion and art, and highlighting local climate crises and heroes, will be the greatest reality show ever. “Will humanity wake up in time or be booted off the planet?” 


Also included in the tour will be the unveiling the newly upgraded 2030 or Bust app, putting the power to end the climate crisis in the hands of ordinary people.


The tour launches in Orlando in early May and finishes in Ft. Lauderdale during WOW Weekend.


Supporters can follow the tour on our website, Instagram or TikTok @2030orbust. Join Laughlin by skating, biking, or anything with wheels! Pledge per mile at our Pledge It campaign, or make up their own form of support. We’re all in this together; the bigger the ruckus we make, the better.


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