Rolla Skate Club

Rolla Skate Club

Rolla Skate Club launched in 2018 with 100 pairs of rental rollerskates and an old FedEx truck that was converted into a pop up skate mobile. Co-founders Lucy and Carla had spent the previous 10 years playing competitive roller derby and starting their won businesses.

They had seen how this sport and community of radical inclusion, body positivity, and empowerment changes people’s lives – their own included. They knew more people around the world needed to have access to this!

Today Rolla Skate Club has:

1. A permanent 20,000 sq foot facility in East Vancouver, BC Canada, and over 500 members rolling regularly together.

2. An online learning platform, that has enabled hundreds of skaters around the world to join the Rolla Community.

3. An instructor certification program that has certified Rolla Skate Club Instructor on all continents

4. A Partner Program that supports entrepreneurs from under.represented groups to open their own club in their communities.

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