We Invite You

We invite you to give up the pretense that we are NOT headed for a very big and nasty fall and very soon with the natural world, especially climate. 


We invite you to muster up the courage to look directly into the eye of this beast and let it know you will handle it, that you are a match for it. To be courageous is to give up your right to withdraw from circumstances you perceive as difficult, painful, or dangerous.

We invite you to profoundly accept that this crisis is inescapable and massively destructive, and nonetheless, you declare you are a match for the challenge.

We invite you to declare a line of demarcation that you are taking the stand to end the climate crisis.  That we together can and will reduce our carbon impact so that by 2030, human beings will reduce our predicted 60 gigatons of carbon to 41 Giga tons or, in other words, a 32% reduction.

We invite you to register as a participant on the 2030orbust.Org app and promise that together we will reduce the 19 gigatons needed and that you will use your life as a playing field to discover what you will personally do to reduce carbon emissions, including your enrolling others in This Global game.

We invite you to promise that you will have a great, fulfilling, and powered life, including when and as you take on the global game to reduce 60 gigatons to 41 by the year 2030. This is the game we invite you to play, a game worthy of your life and the lives of all who follow. 

We invite you to take on this pledge:

The climate crisis is my responsibility.  This is mine. All of it. I empower others by busting the myths:

  1. The climate crisis is too big and too complex for individuals to make any real impact.
  2. The power to end the climate crisis lies with the government, the UN, or some other institution.
  3. If we do our best and stay hopeful, it will somehow all turn out.

My actions have a global impact. I deal in facts and specifics – real action, real time, real results. 

Every day I take action to reduce my carbon impact. Every day I invite someone to download the 2030 or Bust app and take action.   Every week I empower someone to become a 2030 player.  The 2030 game is a game that everyone can play, and together, we can win. Waking people to their power to cause a future of sustainability is my mission.

Take The Pledge

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