We Ain’t Easy!

Good skate today in Niles District in Fremont, CA. Some folks came out on their bikes and helped us make the rounds around this charming community. The kind you’d see in a miniature train village. Al, the owner of the local bike shop (and organizer of the bikers) took us to his shop where we got to do an interview with one of his buds and I get two fins and a rad pink helmet. Good for the branding of the gay skateboarder, now to see if he can get it in a size big enough for my big gay head.

A new post came out today about the tour. My friend Richard did an interview with me for Passport (some online travel zine) and instead of running the interview, they opted for a blog posting. Hey, beggars can’t be choosers, right? Did they spell my name right? Yep.


But man, did they have to run it with the headline “Laughlin Artz: Skateboarding to Save the Planet”? WTF! We are not out to save the planet. The planet will be fine. Yeah, a bit worse for wear and tear from the devastation that we humans have inflicted, but rest assured, once Mother Nature has gotten our unthinking asses out of her hair, she will be fine.



WE ARE NOT HERE TO SAVE THE PLANET OR ANYTHING ELSE. That ain’t the issue. The issue is humanity. Humans, the Big H! And instead of putting that in the headline, our work gets reduced to the tried and popular and easy. Saving the planet is easy, it requires no thinking beyond the current state of human consciousness. Much easier to deal with the planet than ourselves.


So yeah, I’m grateful that we got some new press, and I’m not so grateful that at least from the headline, I will be seen, 2030 or Bust will be seen as just one more Save the Planet initiative, when it is not at all, AT ALL what we are. In the immortal words of Pink Floyd, “Can anybody hear me?”