2030 or Bust: Not Another Climate Gig

What separates 2030 or Bust from all the other climate change initiatives out there? Simple. 2030 or Bust is not out to handle climate change. Climate change is NOT the fundamental focus of 2030 or Bust. Humanity is. The mission of 2030 or Bust is to empower humanity in ending the climate crisis. We needed something that’s immediate, that’s pressing, that’s on people’s minds to serve as the circumstantial placeholder, our arena of engagement for our core mission of empowerment, and climate change was a great candidate. The circumstance is climate change; the real crisis is US.

See, nobody’s out there looking for what we bring to the party – a humanity-wide contextual shift, and they never will because it isn’t something that will ever threaten our survival. We just keep rolling along doing what we know to do, thinking the way we know to think, fixing stuff the way we know to fix it, completely oblivious to our consciousness framework shaping all of it.

Shit ain’t working, we know that. And what we’re doing in response isn’t working either. It produces the episodic fix, it handles the particular situation somewhat, it keeps the worst of what could be imagined at bay, but it never really gets at IT, the core issue, the heart of it all. The IT is US. Humanity is blind to itself and blind to that blindness. That awakening is what 2030 or Bust exists for, and as a function of that awakening, a new reality in which to deal with the climate crisis.

Our extinction, should it come to that, will be well-earned, and if we could at least begin to deal with that, rather than laying the blame on the fossil fuel industry or Republicans or capitalism or some other popular scape goat, maybe we could get somewhere.

The “bust” in 2030 or Bust doesn’t speak only to the catastrophic future we are currently hurtling into: it speaks also to the seeming impenetrability of the myth-based reality in which we humans currently reside, the busting of which is essential for any shot at something more that our own doomed redundancy.

All the work being done to suck the carbon out of the atmosphere, who’s doing the work to suck the righteousness out of humanity?  Who’s calling out our addiction to winning, our never-ending battles of good vs. evil, our seeing ourselves as intrinsically separate from each other and the rest of life? What if that is what’s at play at the root level of the environmental mess that we find ourselves in? That crisis is the crisis of 2030 or Bust, not because it’s any better than anything else people are working on, and it is the shot we’re taking.

Now if this is too complex or abstract or difficult to get your head wrapped around, no problem. Go do something easy. Organize a march, pass some legislation, develop some new technology. People love that shit. And pay no attention to the fact that in all that tried-and-true, at its peak, in its best-case scenario, we will simply prolong the existence of the species. That, in the eyes of 2030 or Bust is a fate worse than extinction.

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