As we prepare for our upcoming tour, the question is “What the heck is it for, really? To raise money? Yes. To raise awareness of the situation of the climate crisis? Definitely. To generate action and the subsequent results of that action? Absolutely.

All of that is well and good, but REALLY what are we risking life and limb by skating across the country for? REALLY? If not for the complete unhinging and reinvention of humanity itself, then it is not worth even one mile of the trip, let alone the 500 we are planning. In fact, I don’t see it worth doing anything much in life if for anything less than the ultimate goal of humanity waking up to itself.

When considering the naming of the tour, the word reinvention came to mind. A wonderful word, a great name for the tour. After all it was the name selected by Madonna for her 2003 tour, the one that introduced her fans (myself among them) to her journey into the world of Kabbalah. I myself found the tour (at least the concert I attended at Madison Square Garden) less than mystical, but hey it’s Madonna, so you gotta give her that!

Although we might not want to replicate Madonna’s tour title, we do want to generate the kind of fervor and hype that accompanies her tour, before, during and after.

Any possible titles that anyone has to offer, now if the time. Yes, a rose by any other name and all of that, but for our final outing as 2020 or Bust, the name must be a match for the spectacular spectacle that it promises to be.