The Global Warming Show Virtuathon

Well, Memorial Day’s coming and you know what that means – The Global Warming Show Virtuathon!

What’s the use of empowering 500 million people in the next 19 months to get us on track to ending the climate crisis if it doesn’t make for some great entertainment?

Who says the impending extinction of the species can’t be a rollicking good time?

In keeping with our theme of “If you can’t join em, beat em!” we are taking this first-of-its-kind empowertainment component of 2020 or Bust on the road, giving everyone a front row seat to the thrills and chills of the adventure of waking the beast of humanity.

The show runs on Memorial Day from noon to midnight eastern time, and you can tune in on our Facebook page:

We’ll also be livestreaming on Instagram @2020orbust.
We’re raising $10,000, and you don’t have to watch to give.  To make a donation now, click here: