Our Moment in History – What is Needed Now

I am coming to you as a partner, whether your participation in 2020 or Bust has simply been reading this blog or the e-mails we send or possibly watching the videos of our work as it has progressed over these past three years.

Or maybe you’ve come to one of our events or shared something we’ve posted on social media. Maybe you’ve contributed money or even hosted a fundraiser. Whatever your participation has been, I address you as a partner, to let you know where we are.

Through your support and the tireless work of your amazing 2020 or Bust team, we have brought something into existence that is truly remarkable. We’ve developed the science and models that not only make the climate crisis simple and accessible to anyone, but give individuals the power to end it, rather than counting on the government or the UN or anyone/anything else.

We have the endorsement of UNDP, UNICEF and UNEP as well as climate NGO’s and leaders in the public and private sectors of climate change impact.

We have a global strategy that has us positioned to launch the biggest citizen engagement campaign in history. Students sent by the UN Citizen Lab SDG Summer School challenge are now in New York working on the next version of the app, work that will continue in Geneva and China.

However, with all of that, one thing is glaringly missing—money. The fact of the matter is that what stands between us and the success of 2020 or Bust is money. Period.

This campaign needs $100,000 by the end of August to pull off what we have committed to, to execute the work that must be done to stay within the 2020 window.

If we miss this window, if we don’t raise this money at this time, we will have missed our shot at averting the worst of the climate crisis.

So I am asking for your support. We are finally at the point of seeing this really happen, and it is money that will have us cross that line from what we’ve built to real execution.

This is what I’m asking: If you have money you can donate, donate it.  As much as you can. Today. At https://www.2020orbust.org/donate-now/

If you know people with money, work with us to create a powerful introduction. Or take on your own campaign to raise money.

2020 or Bust isn’t mine.  This is never what I wanted to do, it just needed to be done and so here I am.  2020 or Bust is yours.  It’s the world’s campaign.

Thank you for what it takes to stand in the face of no agreement, for being huge.

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