The Current Climate

2020 or Bust is not a political campaign.  It is a campaign to end the climate crisis.  It is a campaign to bring into existence a new kind of conversation, a conversation not of any ideology (political or otherwise) but a conversation for responsibility, for critical thinking, for leadership that comes from the stand that one takes, rather than from following some ideological leader “out there.”
I offer the piece below for insight into the current cultural climate/narrative, not as a vilification of it or from any political stance.  Ours is a new conversation, one that is contextual, not in opposition to the one laid out below, for that would be just the other side of the same coin, just a different conversation based in a different ideology.  
Rather than tapping into people’s fears, uncertainty and the desire for that someone or something else to make it all better, ours is a conversation for the tapping into and unleashing of the power of the individual, with the access to that power the exposure and busting of the existing human cultural mythology.  The mythology not of the narrative that is outlined below, that’s just the latest narrative, but the condition itself, the human culture that underlies the narrative.  
For example, one fundamental of the current culture/condition, one that the folks in this article brilliantly exploited is “us vs. them,” a condition that breeds unthinkingly one “enemy” after another, the who or what there is to be defeated for life to be OK.  Immigrants, Radical Islam, the media, those were the ones selected for the current narrative; however none of that would ever have gathered steam if not for the underlying myth that “I” am over here and “you/they” the enemy is over there and what makes it possible for me to win, to keep me safe is the defeat of “you/them.” 
Breaking up this us/them mythology is critical, in fact absolutely essential to the success of 2020 or Bust. So while the current narrative actually feeds the flames of that mythology (Trump in effect threw kerosene on those embers with “I am the only one who can fix this mess”), we can use the fire to expose it as yet the next move in a bankrupt model.
It is clear that our campaign, a campaign not of power and freedom as a matter of force, domination and exclusion, a power and freedom based in fear and separateness, but rather of power and freedom as a function of awakening to that which has innately shaped/limited us and our relationship to others and the world. The true power and freedom that is available when one has taken that stand that “This is mine, the whole of life.”
We need to be huge, bigger that what we have been or can imagine ourselves to be. Big enough to include the current narrative/climate as ours.  As such, Trump and the current climate shows itself and is made available as our access, not the enemy.  
It also means that our campaign needs to be of the scale and magnitude required to really deliver what we’re here for.  To that point, I offer the piece below as a case study in shaping a narrative, for we must be smart, strategic and unflinching in our execution, things we can take away from the work of the folks referenced below.  To no kidding have the resources (money. people, partnerships) necessary to make the difference we are promising.  To mobilize the world to end the climate crisis, as a function of humanity waking up to itself.

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