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5:14 AM

Now that we’ve gotten some press interest in 2030 or Bust, thanks to our Sextainability campaign, we’re left with what to tell these folks that’s actually press-worthy.  After five years of slugging away to get out what I thought would be a really hot topic for the world, the story of our campaign, the story of a group of rag-tag nobodies taking on the climate crisis as humanity’s access to getting to the real crisis, the crisis of humanity itself, I have come to realize that that just might not be the case.

That what we bring to the party might not be that attractive, not hot, not the kind of thing that moves people, sweeps them off their feet and takes them to those places in their hearts and souls that we say makes the difference. Or maybe we’ve just done a really shitty job of saying it.

And what are we saying?  That the climate crisis is the symptom, not the cause.  The expression but not that which is being expressed.  The what you can see but not the what lies beneath which is where the real action is.  And not to dismiss the devastating horrors of what you can see – the hurricanes, the melting glaciers, the floods, the disappearing species and farmlands, all of that and more. Which is why we not only haven’t ignored all of that, we actually came up with models and scenarios that address that in a way that no one else was doing.

We were the ones that went to all those climate conferences, including the infamous COP21 in Paris  and asked the questions others weren’t asking. “Why is no one here telling the public the real truth about the climate crisis, the truth that leaves people with the facts and not just optimism and hope?” “Why is there no real conversation for ending the crisis, only talk of progress and fancy new technologies?”  And why do we settle for the common strain of “Yes we know what we’re doing isn’t enough but somehow if we just keep doing our best it will all turn out”?  Why is there no real opportunity being offered ordinary people to get engaged in ending the climate crisis in real time with real action for that very real result?  And that’s what we offer.  That’s what we’ve been attempting to make available to the world.  And that’s what we’ve been failing at.

So here I sit in my Brooklyn apartment with the steam heat hissing in the background at 5:14 AM, trying to come up with one more time, one more day, what to write or do or say that maybe just this day today, will get it heard.

We have about 10 years left to make the difference we need to make, and what’s predictable is that we won’t make it.  That’s the reality the world needs to get into its head. Along with the real gap that we have 10 years to bridge. A gap that won’t be bridged by hope or denial or legislation or the right president or best efforts or any of the other stars we’ve hooked our wagons too.  No, the gap will be bridged by one thing and one thing only.  Action.

2030 or Bust was born of a single realization – that in the not too distant future, most of the world will wake up and wonder why no one told them the straight deal about the climate crisis and what they could have done to end it.

And from that realization, came our stand – that everyone on the planet has the right to know the real deal about the climate crisis and that anyone who wants to make a difference in ending it should have that chance.

From that stand, came the tireless work our science team, a team highly accredited and yet crazy enough to take on the task of seeing if there was some way, some real way for the ordinary person to make that kind of difference.  And they came up with it – with 500 million people taking the right actions over the right time period, we could make that difference, we could bridge that gap.

So here we are, after five years of conferences and panels and interviews and tours and rallies and fundraisers and festivals and marathons and summits and campaigns and all the rest, the worst and best, here we are.

Ten years left, not just to make the physical difference required to get us on track for a sustainable future, but to crack the code, the mother lode, the trance of powerlessness that allows for solving the latest problem, resolving the latest issue, even averting the latest crisis, yet keeps us fundamentally asleep to ourselves.

As the title of our book states, extinction in not our worst alternative. If we only end this crisis and don’t cause any real shift in humanity itself, then we have only prolonged the existence of the species, and from where we stand, we’ve missed the real opportunity that this crisis offers.

To wake ourselves from this trance, that the power to impact the climate crisis, this current expression of the trance, lies with the government or some other institution or billionaires or God or some great leader or technology, some something outside ourselves, that is the real mission of 2030 or Bust.  And that in that awakening to how we relate to ourselves, each other and the world, we can not only end the climate crisis, but forge a whole new future for humanity.

If you find this a compelling story, then help us tell it.  Check out our website, check out our app.  Our goal for 2021 is to empower 1 million people, to have 1 million people take the stand that the climate crisis and the ending of it is their business, that the power is theirs, and begin to take the actions that make that stand a reality. We’re also out to raise 1 million dollars to make all of this happen.

We’re planning a launch of this 10-year campaign that is 2030 or Bust during Earth Week in April.  To let the world know about  2030 or Bust, the mission, the app, The Global Warming Show, what we’re up to and what that offers people as their shot to make this next 10 years the decade that makes the difference.  This is our last window, we won’t get another.